Best Baby Shower Songs to Set the Mood
Best Baby Shower Songs to Set the Mood

A baby shower is a lovely ceremony to celebrate new life. But, this isn’t a family-only affair! Everyone close to the mom-to-be can get an invite, which means that there might be a lot of strangers cramped up in one space.

Hanging with strangers can be a harrowing experience, but this is where music comes in. So, you have the gifts, your venue is decorated, you’re about to exhaust your list of baby shower games, so what next? The right songs can make even the most awkward people feel relaxed. That’s where our list of the best baby shower songs comes in handy! Keep reading to find out more.

5 Best Baby Shower Songs


Released in February of 2011, Baby Music Orchestra’s baby shower music consists of a two hour and fifteen minute session of relaxing lullabies and songs. The playlist consists of 34 songs that will surely relieve anxiety and help shake off any reservations and baby shower awkwardness between guests.

Listen to orchestras and instrumentals from classics, such as Clair de Lune Debussy classical music, Beethoven’s Sonata classical guitar music, and other new age music. This playlist will serve as excellent background music for when the mom-to-be receives gifts and even during the fun baby shower games.

The playlist is relatively slow and may lull you to sleep, so definitely combine it with more upbeat music.

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Little Apple Band created this playlist in April 2014. The baby shower playlist consists of 30 family favorites such as “I like to eat apples and bananas”, “the muppet show” theme song, “the mickey mouse song,” among other upbeat children’s songs.

Little Apple Band is part of Tinsel Town Records, which consists of musicians, artists, and producers passionate about creating enjoyable songs for the whole family, especially kids. They make their renditions of cartoon themes, kids’ radio, and movies.

The playlist is an excellent conversation starter for adults since they’ll be reminiscing on how they enjoyed these songs in the past. If there are kids invited, they’ll definitely enjoy listening and dancing to their favorites.

This party music playlist lasts for a little over an hour, setting a more relaxing, fun mood for your friends and family.

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3. BABY SHOWER MUSIC by Baby Shower Maestro

Baby Shower Maestro created this playlist in November 2012, and it consists of 50 piano songs by the Pianissimo brothers. If you’re into orchestral music, this is the playlist for your baby shower.

This baby shower playlist runs for three and a half hours, so you can experience tranquil music as you lounge around. The playlist features piano sounds from Ode to Joy, Ave Maria, Amazing Grace, What a Wonderful World, among others.

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This playlist mixes songs, primarily orchestral music, from different artists. The collection consists of piano sounds, pregnancy songs, lullabies, soothing music, and white noise for your baby shower.

The compilation was posted in 2015, consists of 30 songs, and runs for 1 hour and 37 minutes. If you’re looking for relaxing sounds and a quiet baby shower, then this is the playlist for you. This is a multifunctional playlist that you can use for special occasions or as lullabies for kids.

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5. BABY SHOWER by Various Artists 

This playlist of songs consists of upbeat songs by various well-known artists such as Stevie Wonder, Lady Gaga, Salt-N-Pepa, Justin Bieber, and One Republic. This is the perfect choice for a millennial mom-to-be. The playlist consists of danceable and relatable music everyone is sure to enjoy.

This mix has 34 fun songs that run for 1 hour and 56 minutes. The playlist was released in 2019, which is evident because of song titles such as OneRepublic’s “Goodlife,” Justin Bieber’s “Baby,” and the funky music. This compilation will definitely turn up your party!

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Planning a Baby Shower

Planning a baby shower can be a harrowing experience, especially if you’re doing it on your own and without any criteria to follow. Like any other party, a baby shower requires a theme, but, first, you have to determine whether it’s a pre-birth baby shower or post-birth. Some new parents prefer to have their parties post-birth so that it’s easier to choose gifts. Deciding on when to have the party will help you narrow down a date.

Who is organizing the party? These days, baby showers are organized mainly by friends of the mom-to-be or family members, and some organizers do this professionally.

Next would be choosing a theme and then sending the invites. These parties can be elaborate, with theme colors to follow and maybe a wish list of the baby’s needs.

Our favorite is the musical theme, where you can blast a good selection of music and have your friends dance to it. You can even set up music-themed decorations. Our five playlists will help you choose the perfect songs you want to play.

The theme is also a great way to filter out the games you’d like to play. You don’t have to play age-old games. You can even invent your own depending on the crowd. Now, it’s important to give your invitees ample time to RSVP, so send your invites at least two weeks prior to the date!

Setting the Mood in a Baby Shower

The theme, baby shower decorations, games, and the type of music you choose will help you set a specific mood. Brighter themes, for instance, seem more festive. Choosing pastels creates a more sophisticated theme, which will affect the mood all around.

The music you choose will make or break your party. Selecting songs that are too slow will lure people into a snoozefest while going for something too fast-paced will turn your party into a rave.

If you’ve decided on a musical theme, then you can’t pass up a game of musical chairs. Choosing the right playlist will go a long way to make this game fun. Another great music-themed game would be listing their favorite songs with the name “baby” or “babies” in their titles.

What Music Should I Play at a Baby Shower?

What music to play during a baby shower depends on what’s happening at that moment. For instance, you need music for when your guests arrive and background music during speeches and gift giving.

You can’t play games without music to set the theme or even dance and goof around as the party winds up. Essentially, you should have a wide selection of music depending on what the mom-to-be and guests like.

You aren’t restricted to the kind of music you need during this party, but you can switch things up during the party and diversify the song genres if you want.

A baby shower is already a theme, so classical music, funky lullabies, and children’s songs are very welcome. Pick songs related to new babies and love songs with multiple interpretations. Ensure you don’t just pick one type of music but go for pieces you’ll really enjoy.

Is the Baby a Boy or Girl?

Does the mom know the gender of the incoming baby? If so, you can choose songs that specify the gender. If the parents want to keep it secret, you can go for unisex songs. That might be the easiest seeing as there are many baby songs out there.

It might also be fun to do a gender reveal at the baby shower, but that’s up to you!

How to Create the Perfect Baby Shower Playlist

What Guests Do You Expect?

Your guests should be at the forefront when considering your music choice. This is because they make up the majority of the celebration party. Some parties have “adult-only” restrictions, while others accept everyone.

Adult-only parties are the easiest to decide for, but if the party has wide age ranges, then you’ll need to consider everyone, from child-friendly music to grownups.

The age range isn’t the only issue, but who is organizing the party? Work friends? Girlfriends or the family? All these guests will need different songs depending on how close you are to them.

What Atmosphere Do You Want to Portray?

When we mention the atmosphere, we really mean the energy you want your guests to feel as they come to your party. Do you want a calm party or something more upbeat? The organizer should consider the mood they’re going for and relate it to the overall theme and decor.

Synchronize Emotions

A baby shower should have different emotions running. For example, if you have slides showing the mom’s pregnancy journey, you need nostalgic music. During gift-giving, guests should either be listening to party songs or something mellow, depending on how that segment is set up. The music you choose should resonate with everyone’s feelings at that time.

Filter Songs

Now that you have the components set, you need to filter out songs that don’t meet your criteria. A playlist shouldn’t be too short such that you keep rewinding the songs every half an hour. Create a list of the songs that need to be played during the party ahead of time.

Compile Your Playlist

Your list of songs isn’t arranged according to the timing. A good party has an itinerary that explains an activity at a particular time. You don’t need to keep physically changing the music each time.

The itinerary is a rough guide of what to expect and gives you an idea of what songs to compile and which one goes first. Arrange your song choices according to the activity. Remember that your playlist should be at least an hour long.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Should Plan a Baby Shower?

You should throw a baby shower at least a month before the date of birth and, because you’re so close to your due date, it could be tiresome for you to plan your own shower.

If you must plan your own baby shower, contact an effective organizer to help you sort through everything. Your family and friends can also help surprise you with this kind of party because this is your day to celebrate becoming a mom!

What Happens During a Baby Shower?

A baby shower is usually a short, activity-filled event and its activities aren’t really set in stone. These activities may include the following:

  • Gift-giving
  • Playing games
  • Offering words of motivation to the future mum
  • Other memory-creating activities

Do You Need Music During a Baby Shower?

Yes, you do need music, unless you want to hear the loud silence and awkward attempts at conversations between strangers. Some people believe that baby shower songs should be soothing and, therefore, they play low instrumental music in the background.

Other people believe in upbeat music because we are celebrating something. It’s your choice of music that matters, so go with whatever you like. You can even play these songs in the background as you finish the serious segments.

How Long Should a Baby Shower Be?

A baby shower can be as long as you want it to be, but they typically run for about two hours before people start to leave.

Can Men Have Baby Showers?

In the past, baby showers used to be run by women, and no men were allowed, but that’s not really a concern anymore. This is why you can now invite your male friends and their friends to come to congratulate the mom-to-be.

Final Thoughts

Baby showers can be as involved as planning a wedding! That being said, with the right motivation and plans, you can have a successful baby shower for people to remember. The right songs or playlist will set the mood of the shower and how people feel during it.

That’s why we have made the hard work easier for you by providing five pre-made playlists to work with!



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