5 Best Workout Albums for Ultimate Gym Motivation
5 Best Workout Albums for Ultimate Gym Motivation

Perhaps the biggest challenge to getting into shape and achieving your dream body is igniting the motivation within. Dragging your tired body to the gym every day is haunting, isn’t it? If this is how you feel every morning before working out, maybe you need a little help, and we are here to do just that!

The easiest way to go beast mode for a workout session is to pick high-quality headphones and the right workout track. Wondering how music can help you get out of your comfy space and head straight to the gym?

Today, we discuss the secret to listening to music while working out and unveil the five best workout albums by Music Prime Tracks — the only pre-workout motivation you need.

Why Should You Listen to Music When Working Out?

Almost all of us listen to music for fun, and rightly so. But here are five ways the right workout album will help you extract more from your workout routine:

1. Helps You Get Started

Music is known to hype people up and encourages them to take the first step. The right tune can encourage people to start running and keep going, as long as they are glued to that track.

So, if your biggest inhibition is preparing your mind for an intense workout session, start by choosing the right music — stay tuned, for we’ll help you do it!

2. You Will Double Your Efforts

So you are in the gym but don’t feel like giving your 100%, what then? You could either be too tired or just not interested in working hard — a sign of a lack of motivation.

If a plateau is crippling your gym motivation, then shuffling your workout playlist might help. People who exercise with music tend to put in more effort without negotiating hard work. In fact, they start enjoying the process and find it rewarding.

Hence, if working out seems monotonous and boring, find a few interesting tracks that can reignite the passion within you.

3. Helps You Coordinate Better

You must have the right rhythm and form while working out. If you’re struggling with coordinating your exercises, try rhythmic music.

Did you know that listening to your favorite music activates your brain, particularly the part responsible for movement and coordination?

For the same reason, you will see several HIIT and Aerobic classes conduct music-based workout sessions. Maintaining a rhythm will also make the activity more enjoyable and encourage you to keep going.

4. Keeps You Focused

To get the best results, you have to stay focused throughout the workout session. A wandering mind with troubling thoughts is not the ideal companion for a gym session. Listening to music you enjoy might push away all unnecessary thoughts and declutter your mind to focus on the work at hand.

Also, the constant beats will keep your mind from wandering; your sole goal will be to complete the set and give your best.

5. Helps You Cool Down

Cooling down after a rigorous workout session is as important as warming up. This is where slow songs come into the picture. We’ve all, at some point, experienced a melodious tempo bring down our heartbeat — almost systematically, so what’s to say it won’t help you relax after a tiring gym day!

Recovering after exercising and letting go of the stress is important to prepare your body for the next day. So, instead of going from fast-paced beats to pin-drop silence, regulate your heartbeat and bring it down with a soothing track.

Most Popular Genres of Music for a Quality Workout Session

Before we head to our list of the best albums for a workout, let’s take a look at the most common music genres known to deliver the best workout results:

1. Rock Music

Rock music is the way to go if you want to unlock your full potential. The genre is popular for strong, fast-paced beats and lyrics that bring out the fighter in you. It will do wonders for you, irrespective of whether you’re a Pink Floyd, Nirvana, or any contemporary rock maestro fan.

2. Pop Music

Pop music simply refers to popular music. The biggest benefit of listening to pop music is the variety it brings to the table. With singers like Britney Spears and Lady Gaga, you’ll be introduced to countless rhythmic beats and groove-worthy tunes that will turn up the heat.

3. Rap

Rap is a subcategory of Hip Hop. However, the lyrics, style, and delivery make rap different from all the other genres. First of all, the constant fast tempo does a great job of keeping your spirits and motivation high.

Along with that, the strong lyrics can easily hype you up and amplify emotions like self-confidence, passion, and motivation.

4. Metal

Metal is a subcategory of Rock, but due to its massive popularity and unique style, it has grown large enough to be recognized as a separate genre. The deafening drum beats and guitar strums might come across as a little aggressive at first, but it delivers the perfect motivation to sweat it out!

Are Heartbreak Songs Good for Working Out?

It’s a common notion that heartbreak in a romantic relationship is the biggest motivation to hit the gym. While it’s certainly true to an extent, you need to be careful if you’re planning to revisit those memories as fuel for the gym.

For example, if you want to listen to emotional, heartbreak songs while working out, make sure you pick a song that hurts you enough to keep going but not so much that it kills your entire mood.

Moreover, whether or not heartbreak songs benefit you in the gym also depends on how you handle the breakup.

Pro Tip: Stick to fast-paced tracks that make you feel confident and well-deserving instead of sad and broken.

Our Pick: Top 5 Workout Playlists to Sweat it Out

Don’t want you to waste your time creating the “perfect” playlist for your next gym session? Or is it simply too boring for you? Here are five brilliantly curated workout albums to go with all your workout moods:

1. Workout Top Songs-Winter Edition

Leaving your warm and cozy blanket to work out in the winter is extremely challenging, but not if you have an energetic workout album ready to motivate you.

The winter edition of workout songs comes with brilliant hit tracks like “Levitating” by Dua Lipa, “Get Out of My Head” by One Direction, “Take it Easy” by Eagles, and much more.

With a perfect combination of Pop, Indian Pop, and Hip Hop from renowned artists like Rihanna, CJ, and Dua Lipa, this album is energizing, inspiring, and all in all the perfect workout aid on a lazy winter morning.

Moreover, each of these songs tags along with a brilliant remix. This album turns slow, melodious songs like “Careless Whisper” by George Michael into an energy-packed workout track by adding electrifying beats.

Why Should You Pick the Winter Edition Workout Album?


  • A brilliant combination of different music genres
  • Offers 25 songs in a 1.5 hour long intense workout session
  • Multiple talented artists and bands like James Arthur and One Direction


  • Remix of slow songs like “Willow” and “Careless Whisper” might not be too motivating per se

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2. New Year, New You Workout Mix

The album’s name gives it away, doesn’t it? People often make new year resolutions, particularly around their fitness but without the right motivation, fulfilling those goals often turn out to be an uphill task. These workout tracks are designed for those aiming to make serious changes to their body this year.

The solution?

This brilliant collection of intoxicating tracks like “Better Days,” “Unbreakable,” and “That’s What I Want.” A lot of these songs are based on the concept of love and separation. So if emotional pain is what drives you, you will kill it in the gym with this album by your side!

Particularly, the lyrics of songs like ”Better Days,” “Shivers,” and “Who is In Your Head” are deeply relatable. So, try and use these songs to unlock a memory that helps push you to work harder; put in those extra reps, that extra set!

Make no mistake, this is a superb album, but primarily for Pop lovers — most (not all) of the songs in this album are Pop. This makes it easier for Pop fanatics to find their favorite tracks without having to scour through songs of different genres.

Why Should You Pick the New Year, New You Workout Mix?


  • A dedicated collection of timeless pop songs
  • Emotionally stirring songs with relatable lyrics
  • Fast-paced songs at 130 BPM to hype you up


  • It’s a comparatively shorter album — only 12 songs for 59 minutes

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3. Fat Burning Album-Rap & Hip-hop Special

Shedding those extra pounds is never easy, especially if you’re not accustomed to working out. This is where you muster all the motivation you can to push to and even beyond your limits. And there are seldom things as motivating as an exciting album of the best rap and hip hop tracks.

Songs like “Push it,” “Jump Around,” and “Rockstar” will be your ultimate cheerleader. At 128 BPM, these tracks have a slightly slower tempo than the previous album. However, the rhythmic beats and tunes are all you need to get grooving.

If you want to leverage the troubles in your love life to double up your efforts in the gym, go ahead and try songs like “Mood” and “Hold On We’re Going Home.” The hard-hitting lyrics will bring out the inner beast in you, and the dynamic beats will maintain the intensity.

The only shortcoming of this album is its diversity of artists. For example, Eminem is unofficially known as the Rap God in the music industry. However, this album has only one song by Eminem. It’s also missing out on popular hip-hop and rap artists like Nicki Minaj and Megan Thee Stallion, which is a bummer!

Why Should You Pick the Fat Burning Album?


  • The ultimate collection of Rap and Hip-hop tracks
  • Diverse tracks for every mood
  • The perfect blend of the original tracks and their remixes


  • Missing many popular artists of the genre

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4. 35 Top Workout Hits

Want the perfect album for steady-state cardio exercises like running and cycling? The 35 Top Workout Hits album will be your friend.

In a steady-state cardio workout, you must maintain the same intensity throughout the exercise. Songs with lyrics often have a fluctuating tempo that can hamper your performance. Also, these exercises usually last longer than their counterparts.

That’s why it’s important to listen to music that maintains a consistent pace and syncs with your movements. Unlike the previous ones, this album stands out with a collection of high-energy instrumental music, consisting of a flawless collaboration of different musical instruments — without any lyrics.

If you have only just started a workout routine, go for tracks with a moderate tempo like “Summer Chill” and “Working Out.” And once you’re done warming up, switch to higher intensity tracks like “Complextro Electronic Music” and “Fast Music.”

All that you need is a competent MP3 player and this album to rock your cardio session.

Why Should You Pick 35 Top Workout Hits?


  • Impressive range of tempo and styles
  • Specifically designed for steady-state cardio
  • 35 tracks are enough to cover close to a 2-hour workout session


  • Not everyone appreciates instrumental music

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5. Best of 2021 Workout Music

Want to relish the best tracks of 2021 before the new hits of 2022 arrive? This album is for you. The album features massive hits like “Butter,” “Beggin,” “Peaches,” and “Deja Vu” that dominated the billboard of 2021. If you’re a pop music fanatic like so many of us, this album is going to be your ultimate workout buddy.

From talented newcomers like Olivia Rodrigo to seasoned artists like Taylor Swift, this album’s range of artists and styles is unbelievably diverse.

Also, for all the Kpop lovers out there going gaga over BTS, this album features one of their biggest hits, “Butter.”

Why Should You Choose Best of 2021 Workout Music?


  • Best tracks of 2021 from top artists
  • The only album on our list to feature a popular K-pop song
  • Powerful heartbreak songs for unparalleled motivation


  • Limited diversity in terms of genre

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Final Thoughts

Music is an indispensable part of our everyday life. It’s a companion for all occasions, be it to relax after a tiring day, celebrate an achievement with a party or just spend some quality me-time. Not to mention how easily it will hype you up for a good workout session.

So, instead of going through an overwhelming number of songs (let’s face it, there are too many songs out there!) to create your own workout playlist, use the best workout albums mentioned above to stay fit as a fiddle!



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